Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GTalk is Closing Now

Google sends message to the GTalk (Google Talk) users,The app will not be supported to Windows.

 A message from in GTalk " Google Talk app for Windows is no longer supported. It is being replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app. Install the Hangouts app from "

GTalk gave a Link to Chrome Extensions Plugins for G+ Hangouts

Extremly unsatisfied because I'm not a Chrome browser user they are forcing me to use Chrome.
But Gtalk is working in my Windows 7 PC now even though message says GTalk app Windows no longer supported .I'm using app Specific password to open GTalk.

I will miss GTalk so much if not supported. In September they closed Orkut and now closing GTalk.
I'm using it for many years,At starting point it was not good to use.Where Yahoo messenger was Dominated.Still i use both messengers.
Google says us to use Hangouts for chats instead of Google Talk.

If suppose it was suspended completely means i will miss Gtalk where i use to chat with friends,and  send and receive files still now by using it ,.Google Hangouts has problem in loading it takes time in that mean while we can complete the same conversation in GTalk.

My GTalk Screen Shot (the images for my Remembrance)
(if your image in that Pic disturbing you means tell me about it)(Auto Generated image)
Already downloading link was suspended by Google even though I'm using only Beta Version not the original version which is not available in Internet now.
When i Click Download option in Google Talk it takes the Link to Google Hangout Download

GTalk Download Page :

Hangout Link :

Good Bye GTalk (Google Talk)

Article by
Krishna Kumar G