Sunday, November 16, 2014

Airtel Magic 10 Years with me

More than 10 years I'm using the same Mobile number.
"Airtel Magic"
From Airtel Students Plan .

For 2 Reasons i never changed my number
1.My Mom know this Number (default)
2.For my Friends - Yellam Ungalaala thaan da & di.

=> 1st Hello Tunes was from "Arinthum Ariyamalum" 2005
=> 3 Times got Blocked for sending more than 100 or 300 sms Per day.2004,2005
     (even i can send SMS by closing my Eyes but not in Touch screen)
=> My Average Recharge amount would be 300 rupees.
=> I had Good Conversations by using this mobile number (Those are memorable) .
     (I can't reveal them in Public)
=> Many of my friends will call me to collect others (Contacts) phone numbers when
     they lost their mobile phones, But they would remember my Number in their
     mind.They won't forget even they are lost (Those things are also Happened ).
=> In year 2004,2005 every 10 mins i will get calls.I can't able to attend calls,
      It started to reduce year by year.
=> My father rarely used to call me in this number (Now he is no more to call me)
=> My best friend Som who calls me daily and He even called me on his
     last day.(never forget)
=>Girl Friends (Lot and Short to say) not extreme,Because i had only very less.
=> Even i have Lost my Mobile Phone (Once it was Stolen by my College friend) but it
    came back after 2 days.(Interesting story to say but that friend is no more now
    so leave it).
=> Now Synchronizing with Android Apps.Best thing to recollect old friends.

=> I Love this number even its not a fancy number.

=> Now Globally using this number for contacts (Getting calls from differnt people)
      (Unknown People)

Just Search my Number in Google .
(Don't ask me whats your Number)

Thanks for Reading this
Krishna Kumar G♥