Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turn Back my Life Words

Yeah 10 years back Nov 2004 , I was so Sad for my various failures in my life and I vacated my room where i stayed in Muthiaya nagar Chidambaram. It was an remote place at that time with few houses in that area and It was 10 in the morning , I had a back bag and started walking to bus stand may be 3 kms away from the room were i've stayed.

 In that time no one was in the streets . I was just walking on right hand side of the road when i reached 2nd cross street suddenly a man appeared at little distance in my left hand side , He was so ugly having weird hairs on his head and he was like a mentally affected man.He was talking or blabbering something I was looking at him and walking ,He noticed me that i was watching him and he got anger and started shouting.

 I got into fear and i thought he would bite me and prepared myself for fight but I saw fear in his eyes.
Then he started to warn me like this "Turn back " "Turn Back" , but i never turned back because i thought he might may attack me while i suppose to turn back. Almost he came nearer to me with his anger & warning words .He raised his fingers towards me and started shouting 'Turn back Turn Back' , We were nearly close by each other so i got ready to hit him for protection. So i turned to my Left side to face a fight with him.

                        All of sudden a Horn of Bull crossed my stomach with inches by touching my shirt.from my backside.That Bull was running so fast and furious it didn't stopped after trying to hit me it was just running continuously , If i didn't turn left side to hit him i would have been killed by that Bull on that day. Later i saw that man He was saying "Turn back and see your Life"
"In Life always Turn Back " and he walked away on his way.I turn back and saw him he was saying the same words again and again by turning back and seeing me on his walk.Still now I can't able to define that word exactly what he said .

       Already i was in sad mood and this incident made me so sad on that day.I have misjudged him and his words. He saved my life and I don't know who he is? He disappeared later i have never seen him afterwards in that place,
He said something to my life. I still remember his words.I feel it was word from God.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Airtel Magic 10 Years with me

More than 10 years I'm using the same Mobile number.
"Airtel Magic"
From Airtel Students Plan .

For 2 Reasons i never changed my number
1.My Mom know this Number (default)
2.For my Friends - Yellam Ungalaala thaan da & di.

=> 1st Hello Tunes was from "Arinthum Ariyamalum" 2005
=> 3 Times got Blocked for sending more than 100 or 300 sms Per day.2004,2005
     (even i can send SMS by closing my Eyes but not in Touch screen)
=> My Average Recharge amount would be 300 rupees.
=> I had Good Conversations by using this mobile number (Those are memorable) .
     (I can't reveal them in Public)
=> Many of my friends will call me to collect others (Contacts) phone numbers when
     they lost their mobile phones, But they would remember my Number in their
     mind.They won't forget even they are lost (Those things are also Happened ).
=> In year 2004,2005 every 10 mins i will get calls.I can't able to attend calls,
      It started to reduce year by year.
=> My father rarely used to call me in this number (Now he is no more to call me)
=> My best friend Som who calls me daily and He even called me on his
     last day.(never forget)
=>Girl Friends (Lot and Short to say) not extreme,Because i had only very less.
=> Even i have Lost my Mobile Phone (Once it was Stolen by my College friend) but it
    came back after 2 days.(Interesting story to say but that friend is no more now
    so leave it).
=> Now Synchronizing with Android Apps.Best thing to recollect old friends.

=> I Love this number even its not a fancy number.

=> Now Globally using this number for contacts (Getting calls from differnt people)
      (Unknown People)

Just Search my Number in Google .
(Don't ask me whats your Number)

Thanks for Reading this
Krishna Kumar G♥

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm Special Always

For Showing Love, Care and Affection i receive Hurts everywhere .
These all happening  due to misunderstanding and incorrect judging about me.
I'm not Like a common man..don't underestimate me with that Scale.
I'm Special Always.
With Love

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lumia to Lumina

Nokia Lumia now Microsoft Lumia.....all these years I was pronouncing Lumia as Lumina its an illusion in my mind just now Last week my friend found that while we were discussing about mobiles and he insisted me that i was crazy wrong and he was stunned on seeing me like this Pronouncing .
Even though i have made this mistake in my blog web for mobiles price list 'mobile end'.
Now only i have watched this after searching into all posts of my blog.Not going to change it as a remembrance for myself.

screen shot

Link :

and all these years I was pronouncing wrongly all over everywhere .....Terrible how i made this mistake......Crazy about this !

Friday, November 7, 2014

Story Frame for Whats app Blue Double Ticks

Whats app famous Cross domain messaging Platform......
comes with 1 year free subscription and following next year it will be charged a dollar for each user.This is because they won't show or allow ads in their network platform.
Whats app is a famous messenger app in India.widely used by youngsters.
Indian mobile industry gives smartphones with preloaded Whats app application feature in their products,Smartphones are little bit costly to buy for the common middle class people in India so Mobile companies gave the whats app application even in cheap phones usually facebook app also the free preloaded apps in every phone in India.

Lets Frame a Story :
                            Indian people are radical to their culture,until smartphone comes to their hand, In 2013 most of the people in India started to use whats app application in their device but they are not new to facebook, Before years they were trained in using facebook app. When they found Whats app is better than facebook to connect with friends securely and privately they suddenly jumped to Whats app from the facebook.Facebook was loosing active users.
This gave What's app 400 million active users around the Globe.After Mark Zukerberg acquiring this industry the active users were doubled.
Mainly users trusted What's app for its Privacy and Policy for Protection.Where users can keep them idle from others rather than friends.
Usually Girls liked Whats app because it kept them away from strangers and Boys hated Whats app because they can't reach out girls easily.
So Boys have to wait for Girls to add them.Same vice versa ( Equally for Boys too )

In Past users had chance to ignore messages after they read up and be protected as it was not read or seen without sending reply to the messages.

Mind Calculation :
                                After Mark Zukerberk acquired Whats app he started to finish the story of Whats app by its users iself.So he started to work on it. You may ask why ?
Yes Facebook is carrying ads for Companies revenue but what's app has many users than Facebook but revenue is very less without ads.
So step by step he wanted what's app to be destroyed by its users itself (ignore)
They framed a new idea 'Whats app double Tick' in messages.
In Past If we send message to a concern person in Whats app means we can't judge that whether the person read the message or not but now the What's app gives this 'double Tick' feature to find the exact time the message was read by the person on receiver end .
The Tick is in Blue color which is the favorite color of Mark Zukerberg and his company theme facebook.
This is the first step to destroy the What's app by its users.You may ask How ?
Yeah , yesterday (06 November 2014)  this feature was installed in Whats App and the active female users were reduced and they again jumped back to facebook and behind them Male users were also following the same route.Where the Female goes Male comes back of it as in the words,Facebook started to regain its users which is now more private and protective than the What's app.On the Whole Facbook is behind the What's app Blue Double Ticks


People started to talking like this message in Pictures

Whats Next Plan of Mark Zukerberg regarding What's app :
First time in internet i say it will be the disclosing Location of the users of Whats app.
Do you Believe my story assumption is correct ?

Beyond Culture :
                           Social media became new culture to all Cultures around the World , Now its Time to fence a boundary to this culture.Where the users are redirected by the company CEO's and Directors as they wish. Already they stole the information from the users to generate ads and sell users information to the advertising platforms.They make revenue from the ads clicked or Hoovered by the users and after stealing their information they make them naked before their servers .

Krishna Kumar G

Ebola Responder

Donate to Stop Ebola and Treatment for affected People.
Show your care by this Donation.

Global Ebola Crisis

Facebook added dedicated donation page to help victims.

Two options to donate Ebola
International Medical Corps and Save the Children Prefer your choice or both

UN Donation Page
Multiple ways to donate to Ebola Crisis.

WHO (World Health Organization) dedicated page for Ebola Crisis

Thursday, November 6, 2014

காதல் ads

காதல் Conditions Apply .

Krishna Kumar G

ரேஷன் கடையில் தவம்

தவம் செய்ய ஆயிரம் வழிகள் இருக்கு
அதுல ஒரு வழி ரேஷன் கடையில் நிக்குற தவம்...(வலி)
இந்த மாதுரி ஆப்புகளுக்கு எதாவது APPS இருக்க...... ?

இயற்கை உறவு

எனக்கும் இயற்கைக்கும்மான உறவு மிக ஆழமானது
10348 அடி .

Krishna Kumar G ( :) Smile)

Transporter வேலை

இன்னிக்கு Rest எடுக்குலானு நினைச்சேன்
காலையிலே வச்சிடாங்கயா வேலைய Transporter வேலை ......
போயிட்டு வறேன்......
இருங்க பீலிங் போடுறேன்
Feeling Exhausted

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GTalk is Closing Now

Google sends message to the GTalk (Google Talk) users,The app will not be supported to Windows.

 A message from in GTalk " Google Talk app for Windows is no longer supported. It is being replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app. Install the Hangouts app from "

GTalk gave a Link to Chrome Extensions Plugins for G+ Hangouts

Extremly unsatisfied because I'm not a Chrome browser user they are forcing me to use Chrome.
But Gtalk is working in my Windows 7 PC now even though message says GTalk app Windows no longer supported .I'm using app Specific password to open GTalk.

I will miss GTalk so much if not supported. In September they closed Orkut and now closing GTalk.
I'm using it for many years,At starting point it was not good to use.Where Yahoo messenger was Dominated.Still i use both messengers.
Google says us to use Hangouts for chats instead of Google Talk.

If suppose it was suspended completely means i will miss Gtalk where i use to chat with friends,and  send and receive files still now by using it ,.Google Hangouts has problem in loading it takes time in that mean while we can complete the same conversation in GTalk.

My GTalk Screen Shot (the images for my Remembrance)
(if your image in that Pic disturbing you means tell me about it)(Auto Generated image)
Already downloading link was suspended by Google even though I'm using only Beta Version not the original version which is not available in Internet now.
When i Click Download option in Google Talk it takes the Link to Google Hangout Download

GTalk Download Page :

Hangout Link :

Good Bye GTalk (Google Talk)

Article by
Krishna Kumar G

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Year after Accident Life Changed

A Year after Two Accidents in a day...... (1 Nov 2013 ) to (1 Nov 2014 )
Still Fixing my Body Gadgets..........
Some Parts are not Available.....
Left Treatments 6 months back due to side effects.
Let Pain Remain as my Friend Forever......

3 Nov 2013

Now having good attitude but Laziness surrounds me due to Long rest......
Time went away Lost many valuable things ......
Still i have not fixed my bike because i need help to fix it.......
a year without bike this is first time after 13 years.....
Let see when it will be fixed,Most of the Traveling have been shutdown without my bike.
Addicted to internet because i spend most of the time in it .......just surfing for time pass.

1 Nov 2014

Forward Look is beyond my ability .....
Had many dreams in this mean time.....some have been completed..and some may remain as the dream itself.

Now I have a good company from the past but its not in the reachable distance....for me.
so I can't able to confirm here.
Valuable Person is back to support my Life in future..
I trust in that person 100%.
Love that person 100%.

My family supports me lot mom is the best person.....took care of me all over days when i'm in words for her Love....Tears when I Type this.What I can do for her..?. Priceless.Love...

Thanks to the Friends who helped me all those days,You are my Hero's at my Troubles.

Learned who really take cares of me and who don't.This period was a great lesson to me.

God moved his hand upon me......I'm in his Path........I believe He will never Let me in Vain again.