Saturday, October 18, 2014

My eyes Washed out with Tears

Today Nearly 15:45 My eyes Washed out with Tears after 3 years for no Reason..Sometime it  Happens.
Last time it was for Som...,I miss him at every place .During his death when i saw his face for last time , i cried very loudly everyone tried to comfort me but no one can able to do that my eyes went black and i fell down pressure went high ,I struggle to took nearly 1 hour to become normal.
Usually i won't cry
Even Last year i meet with 2 Accidents in a day and severely injured but that's not matter i have not shed even single tear in pain.
 That's what i'm, I won't cry easily...

I missed my father in 2010 he was affetecd by neuropathy for nearly 4 years , I was looking at him and  i have showed my love and care to him in those years.Atlast one day he died ,Everyone started to cry but i can't able to cry nearly after 16 hours a friend came and hugged me....suddenly i blowed out my tears.i can't able to control myself......Everyone let me to cry until i finish no one stopped me.

such a way i won't cry for no reason.... but today i cried for no reason for few mins.....don't know why ?.

is Emotions started to affect me....?

I must be away from emotions......!