Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yahoo vs Gmail Auto Deactivating Email account

Yahoo mail deactivates account after certain period of time if you don't open it.This is an old policy of yahoo....from company start time....They never changed it.
User of Yahoo mail have to Log in once within a year of time otherwise they will face some issues such like loosing photos,files and attachments otherwise the total account will be deactivated.They give 30 days Deactivation time for the user to reclaim the email and data,Notification is send to user given secondary email address.
Yahoo is using Bounce back system to find out inactive emails accounts.
You have to Register it again as new user in between that gap someone should not take your Username.

Same policy was also in Gmail at start time but they have been changed it.Just they ask for Phone number verification when you log in, You can also even log in after problem for you account and data.