Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gmail Hacking Test

Last time millions of Gmail and its associated Google accounts have been hacked.
Those hacked Gmail accounts have been used to stole your information and details stored in your mail box.(Inbox,Sent Mail,Draft & Trash)
Phishing other related accounts from your Gmail stolen informations.

Hackers can even log into your bank accounts from the stolen information..,

Can you able to find out whether my Gmail account have been Hacked ? You may ask !.
Yes there are few possible ways
Some software's available in market and they are not Free to use but in them few software's were sometime used by hackers to steal your information.You cant find original one easily.
Even some websites are there to tell about this vital information but there are many spam mail senders and may republish your mail address in various platforms open to public.
But i recognize 2 websites which gives you information correctly,Where you can find your Gmail is hacked or not.

Type your email address in the specified box and Search

See the Results,If Everything is Ok ,Your account is in safe.

To avoid Phishing and Hacking of your Gmail account , I suggest you to use
2-Step Verification method.