Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final Touch with my Orkut

20 days more for this Social Network legend #Orkut  to go to real Scraps
Lets have a final touch 

My Orkut Id

For me my videos and comments are valuable........
Here also some spam messages

Communities I Follow
Communities I Manage

Reminders never Forget

Still i worry for this no one wrote Testimonial about me
Testimonials I wrote for my Friends

Badges were given for our Honor

When I started to share facebook account Links in Orkut

 Google Listings

We Forgot to Think about it

When I marked up my address in Google Map and it automatically displayed in  my updates

Life was simple before social network sites begin

I must be the first user to join social network in 1970's before I was born

This will be the 404 Error message after September 30 while you try to Login

Recent Errors

Few words about Orkut

Already Orkut help center have been closed

Orkut will not be found in Google product list 

Time to say Good bye Orkut .....

Let I dedicate this post to my friend

My Orkut Profile Video