Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chinese Dragon is True and we Live with it

Dragon is a Traditional and Legendary creature
among European,Chinese,Korean and Japanese.
I have not worshiped dragon but i know people in China,Japan,Korea and some south east Asian countries do that.I respect their culture and harmony.

How I Found :

Here when i viewing Kashmir flood disaster in Google Crisis Map.Unfortunately i have found a creature living inside the Himalayan Mountains.
Creature image was respectively matches with Dragon .
Head starts from facing China,
Neck Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan,Afganistan,
Legs near Nepal,Bhutan,
Wings and Upper body lays inside China,
Tail runs towards south east Asian countries.
Near the Mouth of Dragon Splitting of Fire is seen (Little tail of mountains)
It has Horn in Head near Gerasimovka.
Eye seems to be Issyk Kul Biosphere Reserve.(Little behind from Head)
Body is covered with spines of mountains (Spikes)  (Like Crocodile body)

Dragon Map :
I'm not good in drawing but an expert can do it better than me,I have rough one below around the Landscape which gives you the total outline of dragon image in Asia Map.This is exact Dragon Map i have seen in Himalayan Mountains.
(image source Google Crisis Map)
Silk Route :
     Ancient trade road runs around the Asia,Eurpoe,Africa and most of the world.Which shared tradition and culture among people who lived on it.why i say this here because the actual silk route passes through this Dragon image,This route may be pass way of the dragon worship to other places.
(Source:from Google images)
Ancient Works :

May be some Ancient Astronomers,Researchers,Aliens and other Super natural powers have worked together to coin this Dragon image otherwise How they found and draw a Dragon image where they Living upon it.They Workshpied it because they know that its there and its real..... and believed it.

                    Chinese and Indians are good in astronomy from ancient times before rest of the world learned about space.  I believe some Astronomers have took a flight to space and looked onto our Earth and they made a Image of Dragon and returned Earth and made several Drawings,Paintings and Sculpture's of Dragon.Then people may started to worship it.
Do you believe it or not but this may be happened .........one of the chance I say here rest beyond your Imagination.

and I'm not the first person to find or derive this in past someone has already found this that's why Dragon creature was born.......and we Living with it.........Unknown.

Article by
Krishna Kumar G
16 Sep 2014