Friday, August 8, 2014

One Facebook username for 2 users (disabled)

Cloud Power - Facebook Stole my Username and sold or Transfered to IBM.

When I Created the fb account with username 'CloudPower'
 Screenshot shows the url with username 'CloudPower'
Facebook Email's me as my account was disabled
I tried to ask them why and for what reason it was disabled
but the reply from them was disgusting
2nd Email and links described
that my fb account was disabled for policy violation 
and my Email address was not matched to its data base.
(Not Linked to facebook account)
Later my Username 'CloudPower' was not working .
I can't able to login to my account 
Lost my friends contacts and my photos without any reason

Then i Created a new account in fb and started to add my friends 
still I miss some of them and their contacts.
few years later i tried to open my old account 
by using fb url with extension 'CloudPower'
Later i found my fb account was hacked by IBM.
where as fb policy says the url disabled is not transferable.
Then how IBM can use it.
means they've cheated me and luckily i have the proof of screenshots
in my database

took my fb account
don't know why they did this.

I have lost my contacts and photos
who is responsible for this ?

Internet Laws are weak all over the world.
Protection in social network is 0%
You can't claim anything
against company 
you have to keep your mouth shut 
and have to listen to them
whatever decision was taken by the company as in the name of policy and code of conduct.

Post edited on
Today 03 July 2016
I've checked the facebook with url
and found that page was not working
that content was not available at that moment
and showing this line
"The link you followed may have expired, or the Page may only be visible to an audience that you aren't in."

I think someone from facebook read my blog post and took some action and I'm not satisfied with it because I've lost my photos and contacts which was added during that period of time.

Now shall I call for law suit , will it workout
mail me

Krishna Kumar G