Thursday, August 7, 2014

Indian Telecom sector dropdown starts

TRAI seems to be crying on seeing the growth of free apps WhatsApp , Viber and etc.
which provides free texting and calling through internet , Indian Telecom industry facing 5000cr loss due to this.Next financial year it will be 16000cr loss.

TRAI should learn that Telecom sector is a service sector and not the revenue oriented sector.

*Still not reduced the STD call cost in India.
*No free Roaming in between states
*Internet cost is high 1GB = 200 to 250 rs in some networks (very high)
*Internet speed is damn slow in many towns.Villages none.

TRAI have to learn something from this..
Telecom companies are asking TRAI to ban apps or integrate with their networks or Share the company fund or asking them to pay for network usage.

In next few years 
Google and Facebook are going to give free internet connection
,Balloon Project,
Then TRAI has no value in India.
every call will be free later on
Cheers we are going to enjoy it.

Most of the countries are providing free WiFi internet connection at public gathering places where as in India they are just announcing in parliament budget session about it and not actually giving it to people.

Still we are paying for internet connection..........
why we should ?

Access,Communication,flexibility   leads to development of the country