Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cuddalore GH lack in facilities

Last year after accident i was taken to Cuddalore GH before that i was given first aid in Panruti GH.
Slowly i was getting out of shock because i meet 2 accidents in a day.
Morning 10 am i was treated in NLC GH for my 1st accident.
See how much hospitals i have crossed ...
Later after treatment came back to home mean while i meet with another road accident . Heavily injured .
First time i was entering to cuddalore GH which is said to be district medical head hospital .
i was admitted and they took x-ray in emergency ward and i waited waited waited for the print for nearly 2 hours. i can't able to bear the body pain. i said to doctor let me go to private hospital.
He said wait let x-ray may came . x-ray was totally black fully black.
I asked doctor due you see any broken bones. He said x-ray is not clear wait lets take another one, I said i can't wait for another 2 hours ,

please give me discharge better i go to private hospital .He said wait.
Then i got anger and went away by walking,Nurses told you can't go out,
I said if so give me discharge,
Later they gave me discharge .
i went to private hospital within minute they took clear x-ray and diagnosed, Later CT Scan and that's not matter but in GH they wasted my time and made me irritate .
Nothing wrong in doctors and nurses but What they will do if there is lack in facilities .
Please government have to give good equipment to government hospitals .