Thursday, July 17, 2014

End of Search Engine Optimization -SEO

SEO is the most important thing for website traffic.
When we search for a thing or a place or something else in Search engines the relevant websites appear on the top list of  the search engine results .Those top lists attracts users to visit those sites.Then traffic of that site increases .

There are several ways to optimize your site for search engine visibility.Some Hosting sites have paid version.You can just pay an amount for SEO and they will do the remaining  part by themselves but this won't give you good rank for your websites on search engines.

I suggest do the SEO for your websites by yourself .Don't waste your money by adding SEO package on Hosting sites .

Steps need to make SEO :

Site Map is Important for a website.
Rich & Good Content is one form of good SEO practices.
Tag and Labels are very important part in SEO (Keywords)
Keywords for every Post is Important.
Link Posts in your website from important words in every posts.
Shopping site is different from usual sites .Related post should be made into Related products.
Use Google Analytics,Google Tag Manager,Google Webmaster,Google Adsense for ads.Google Adwords to Promote your website on all platforms.
Make mobile apps that easily connects people.
Make Good standard of Posts (People should rate it as Good Webpage)
Social Network Links
Social Network periodical contact with visitors

     SEO is an easy thing but competition is high,Everyone does SEO for their website so best website which is in Good standard and Large number of visitors tops in Search Engine.

Google should find a new Products other than SEO .Need a filtration of many website which gives wrong information.I say this because many search engines are not satisfying the users exactly.Top 10 Searches should be best one.

SEO should be Value Added :

Age Related Searches
Area Related Searches
Subject  Related Searches
Market Related Searches
Entertainment Related Searches

SEO jumps to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Google Adwords every Keyword Marketing ,every content Marketing.

So this will be the "End of Search Engine Optimization ". New Product to Promote your website yet to come and this will be highly paid one , Mostly Google will release this product first.