Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dream was like Dooms day

Yesterday night 21.07.2014,(very late sleep after 01:30 am)
Had a dream which took me into the extreme fear.
I was walking in the road which was surrounded by moderate houses and i was holding a small baby in my hand and suddenly earth shakes and everything collapses , Building shakes and Sky falls down.
A word comes to my head 'Complete the prophecy soon' ,I was asking why i should .I felt that I'm tired and weak and i can't do it but something forced me to keep moving  towards that work and it should be completed.
Same thing was said by the passing 3 cyclist who were riding very fast to complete their task given to them,After they entered a cave in a rocky mountain everything started collapsing .
At that time earth went on shaking heavily fear everywhere fear.
Another word came from sky 'Israel over Gaza and Palestine' .
I was sleeping towards east facing in fear and Serpent moved over  my legs west to east.

Suddenly Light flashed up very bright  and cool.

My Mom was calling me to Wake up,Sweating and fear, i saw it  was an early morning lights were on ,Cool wind from window came inside my house.Suddenly I turned all around on searching for Serpent  which went upon my legs while i was sleeping (same position i was sleeping as i saw in the dream) and later i felt that everything was dream and it was not real.But fear still continues......
bcoz sound i heard was like that !.