Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chennai Rave Party (Typical Hangout Gana's)

10 Years back it was new but now Chennaities were nearly accepted the "Pub & Disco culture" most of the youths (Corporate buddies) hangout there  in weekends .
That's not matter :

Now new entry is "Rave Party" Drugs are Compulsory with entry passes.Semi Nude,Half Nude, (Nude is just Nude) are allowed.Some Sex activities happens after the party or on the side of the party.Its Little bit costlier than the Pub entry Passes.

My rich friends use to go there and now they are addicted to this culture.
Sometimes they have seen Stars and celebrities or even their family members engage in this type of parties.

*You guys may have been experienced it !

(Your Money you are enjoying,That's not my Problem)

If you are Good be Good as you are (Hard isn't it).

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Club Names and Places were Held  : Updating..........

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