Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tamilnadu Polling Booth List

1) Are you Going to Election Duty in Tamilnadu
and searching for your duty Polling Booth
 List of Booth Level Officers in Tamil Nadu
Tamilnadu Polling Booth List : View

2) Do you have voter ID and don't  know were to cast your vote here are few steps to find it
                                                  [Type <epic> <space><Voter ID No>]
                                                          SMS Send To: 9444123456
 Find Your Polling Station

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beautiful Female she was

Beautiful Female she was.........
but her way of thinking and projecting it was not like that what i've expected before ......
Her Lies didn't affected me instead affected her ......
wherever she go i'm sure she will see me everywhere ,In future her Life is in my Hand.
Still i Love her constantly .....

I'm waiting for her and let she understand my Love on her..........

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exact Words

Nothing is Happy here
I'm adopting every situation to be Happy around me.
No Ego and no Prestige here
Just staying calm and silent
so long........
Very long.......

i believe it was foretold
and for told for me...
so i'm waiting.......for long.

Wherever i go at a point it should be in my front .
i have to face it.....and win it..
Until that situation around us were building up

That day same day when eyes meet spirit flown over all me,
whenever the spirit flows over me there will be words
those words are important for me.

i keep the words what was said........

sometime force me to say the words to the person requested and i will say it to them
and that will be true......and they confess the same words to me as it was true ......whoever maybe and whatever will be the situation i will reveal it ,If it allows me to say..

i have faced many kind of situations

once i lost spirit .........due to my greedy and Testing  but gained it again in terrible situation after 5 years. It so long time it was not with me.....it was so long i was crossing Deseret without water.

Terrible situation was war,I was not prepared standing to save the enemy.. when he took weapons against me i was alone ..felt that alone and disabled to strike back ....

Suddenly Spirit flown onto me and gave the Power . It was real power were i can't able to stand still.

grown up like a giant in front of enemy troops and The Spirits Armour protected me.

and work is to save the enemy from traps until he understand's it .War took three days .....
Last day saved the enemy from traps and he understood it.........but that will be end for him very soon.

Happiness in this Horrible situation that it was onto me after 5 years.......

That was happy

Taking me to various places all around and teaching me, i'm learning from its words directly......
Talking directly..........

I was wondering at everything which it shows me now.

now the word is : She is going to come and meet me..........
                            even though i'm away and calm
                                time has come
                                    for that

i'm waiting...................