Saturday, September 28, 2013

God make Things Happen

Same place nearly after 10 years same thing happened
within minutes before God fore told me in my frequent dream ,what's going to be happened.
later i forgot that and suddenly same thing happened but few things from my dream were missing in reality,
I Saw her after many years......
She has been changed !
same feelings
Tears come now and then
which cannot be expressed in words.
I can't able to meet and  talk to her (in dream i felt i was talking to her) I have been locked under several circumstances and cannot be moved to take further steps along.
She spelled the word Krishna (on seeing me surprise)today,Great Feelings........
If i ask her means she will tell lie, As she said before 10 years back, as she did not smile at me,It was a lie from her,at that time i accepted that for that situation not to point out her and make her guilty,but truth is she smiled at me even my friends saw that and god knows that.

She knows,From my deep heart i love her but don't know why she never accepts me ?
my chances and options are got over,Now let her open up ,waiting for a call from her..................