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Building Home, Procedure in Tamilnadu

Building Home , Procedure in Tamilnadu.

1. Buy and Register a plot according government procedure
2. Prepare an Layout with an help of surveyor
3. Get the layout for the approval to the authority ( CDMA in chennai)  {Councillor}
     [ward chairman]
4. Then find the builder (Koththanar is the main person,who handles the building on his control)

5. fix the builder for your Price/Rate,make an proper agreement for the building materials used on
     Make Contract "Material Contract ,Building Contract"
     I suggest you "Material Contract" from my own experience.
6. first put the Bore, to the water level.water is the main source of construction.In the mean while
    apply for Electricity connection (May be have to give bribe).
7. After getting water, Ready to put foundation with pillar, use good cement,TMT Rod,Jalli(stone)
8. Foundation is very important part in the building(apply water to the building for 5-7days).
    The mixture used should be in good condition
    Must not waste time to complete foundation.
9. Fill the foundation with Mud,Stone and Sand
10.Drainage sump to be built with proper size,Raise wall with windows and Entrance Wood Blocks
11.Put Ceiling on top it is also an important part of an building. Concrete ceiling curing period is     28days.
12.At that time most of the building will be completed..Do wiring and plumber works with 
    water Tank as per you capacity, Later apply Cement mixture to the whole
    wall of the building.(apply water to building after cement dried)
13.apply paint needed of your choice.
14.Interiors also can be done as your choice
15.Apply for Municipal water connection.
     Inform to the proper authority as construction is completed.(Municipal/Corporation)
     Change the EB (Electricity) temporary to permanent connection.

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House is Ready for use.......

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