Friday, February 18, 2011

How to change address in Ration Card

Generally a person moves to a new place due to two following reasons:
a. Obligations of profession or business
b. A girl leaving her parents’ house because of marriage

Therefore if a person thinks how to change address in ration card then here is the answer. For both of the above defined causes a person needs to do the following:

• Visit the nearest Food and Civil Supplies departments offices
• Collect the new application form
• Fill up the form properly
• Mention the name of the new state of residence.
At the time of submitting the application form, one must take care that all the following documents (and photocopies of certain documents) are carried along with the form:
• A two rupees court Fee Stamp
• Voter card
• Residential proof
As a proof of residence, a person can provide any of the following documents:
• Rent agreement paper
• Gas bill
• Bank account passbook
• Land phone bill
• Receipt of the last tax payment bill
• Electricity bill
• Letter received in his/her name in his/her home

1.If a person want to know about how to change address in Ration Card within the existing Taluk circle, then with all the above mentioned procedures add the copy of current residential proof.
2.And if a person wants to know how to change address in Ration Card outside existing Taluk circle, then, he or she needs to do the same and attach the "Surrender certificate" of the old ration card.
"Surrender Certificate" Before you leave your Town/City Surrender your Old Ration card in Taluk Office and get the Surrender Certificate along with your old Ration card.
A person can get the Ration Card one the same day of submitting the application form.or in 2 to 3 days.


1.Visit the Ration shop first ask the supplier for new ration card
2. Visit VAO he/she may solve your 90% problem
3.Thaluk Office search for stamp vendors , ask them for your issue , They may help you with little charge.
4.Some illegal persons may say that they may help to get duplicate card better avoid that.
Sometime Ration card issue may delay due to this reason.

Edited Sep 3 2016

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